What People Are Saying

"Motivating, caring, inspirational to me to say the least" 

- Janette M.

"...Extremely helpful ... managed to steer me into some very useful paths that provided personal insights that are beneficial to this day."

- Bill B. 

"I enrolled in one of (the) classes to improve my communication skills, but I got much more in the bargain. The class exercises where interesting and improvements in the way I communicated dramatic. But better yet... I now have an amazing toolkit to better understand my own needs, focus on what needs to be done and figure out the best way to achieve it. "

- Gus C.

"In a very brief time in my session with Maya, she got to the heart of the matter. She provided safety for addressing deep emotional issues; skillful guidance, and useful insights. She is a brilliant gem in her clarity and focus. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to move into a new level of courage and commitment...and have fun doing it!"

- Ingrid B.

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