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Supporting Relief and Win-Win Solutions

For sometimes-unhappy Humans.

TipsForSanity is one of several projects based supporting:

  • Personal Growth

  • Win-Win Solutions

  • Communication Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence - Values-based Empathy

  • Mental Health

  • Relationship Health
  • Practical Spirituality

  • Emotional Hygiene / Shadow Work

  • Values-based Mediation / Restorative Justice

Better than therapy for many, TipsForSanity tools yield true empathy (value-based awareness), improved problem-solving, values-based empathy for self and others, easier problem solving, stress relief, permanent resolution for issues (even lifetime ones), and much more.

TipsForSanity weaves heart-gut-action-and-interaction into the incomplete triad of mind-body-spirit practices.


In a sometimes otherwise insane world, TipsForSanity facilitates freedom by clearing mud from the windshield of the personality (mentally, emotionally, and psychologically),  so that the light of Highest Self can shine through more easily.


  • Simplify Thinking 

  • Integrate Balance

  • Cultivate Comprehensive Emotional Intelligence and generative problem-solving skills


This results in greater clarity, Self-expression, and creative capacity, improves interactive resiliency, and ultimately reveals the Divine Face and higher Self-expression as it lives through each of us, and through us as a group body.  It empowers our nature as cells and organs in the greater body of Nature, created and creative, as above so below. 


TipsForSanity is not everything, but it certainly is one path to the All.


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